Stingray City Tours: Why Private Boat Charters Are Better

Unique Stops and Experiences

Many large charters bring passengers to the same stops and offer little in the way of personalization. There’s a set schedule that needs to be followed, and travelers get the short end of the stick. You may end up spending more time somewhere you didn’t want to go and rushing by a beach you’ve always wanted to visit. That isn’t the case on private outfits like Cobalt Custom Charters.

Stingray City
One of Cobalt’s special stops is at Stingray City, an amazing attraction on the North Sound of Grand Cayman. Its dozens of southern stingrays are a part of the family of whiptail stingrays. These stingrays are so accustomed to humans in their habitats that they can be fed by hand with chopped-up pieces of squid. Stingray City is located on a sandbar that makes it accessible to charters and passengers, since the water is only a few feet deep. Visitors can stand with the stingrays and feed them by hand or go snorkeling with the rays.

The stingrays have flat teeth, so eager tourists and children don’t have to worry about being bitten. The rays do, however, gently suck fish and treats out of the palms of those that feed them. This sensation has been described by some as something similar to a vacuum hose. Numbering into the dozens, the rays are friendly and can be held up by guides. Since they’re comfortable with being touched, many people take the amazing opportunity to pet and even kiss the rays!

Stingray City doesn’t have a schedule, so visitors are free to relax and take their time with these wonders of the natural world. Cobalt Custom Charters will provide a safety briefing beforehand to make sure everything goes smoothly, but if you still feel uncomfortable, the experience is just as wonderful while observing from the deck. Guides can even bring a stingray to the edge of the boat so you don’t completely miss out on the rare chance to touch one of these creatures up close.

Other Attractions
Visiting Bio Bay and snorkeling are other fantastic activities that can be enjoyed at the Cayman Islands. Bio Bay is a relatively new feature of the Cayman Islands, where millions of bioluminescent microscopic plankton emit light when disturbed. Snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the Cayman Islands is a unique experience as well, not only because of the translucent and warm water but also because of the unique wildlife and reefs that can be best seen underwater.


When you and a small party of your friends and family decide to take a vacation, a relaxing and intimate experience is among the first things you look for when booking your accommodations. Unfortunately, while large cheap boats are a more popular option among budgeting vacationers, they don’t often provide the best experience possible. Large, noisy crowds of tourists and eager sightseers can spoil what should be a calm and memorable experience. Small vessels with a small and friendly crew, however, make the experience more individualized and allow you to spend time with the people you know, not strangers you don’t.


You may think that a large ship would have plenty of room to enjoy the serenity of the Caymans. However, large charter outfits often pack people into their ships like sardines to maximize profit. Private charter boats, on the other hand, book smaller groups of people at a time. For example, Cobalt Custom Charters typically accommodates groups of eight to 10 people. This number takes into consideration not only the size and staff of the boat but also the desires of those aboard. Personal space is important, and we get that.


Privacy is important when you’re on a vacation. After enjoying activities and outings, time to unwind is just as important as spending time with others. Sharing your space with a limited number of guests lets you divide time between amazing attractions and the calm of the Caribbean Sea.

When you’re booking a charter boat, small charters like Cobalt Custom Charters offer a unique experience that can’t be matched by large outfits. Thanks to customized stops, immersive experiences with wildlife and limited group sizes, passengers can experience true luxury in the greatest part of the Caribbean. A spacious yet intimate boat is another highlight of private charters, and small groups of guests let passengers spend quality time with their loved ones.

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