Top 5 Things To Consider When Booking a Boat Charter In Grand Cayman

Boat tours offer families and friends unique opportunities to experience the thrill of experiencing the open water in Grand Cayman. However, what should be an enjoyable, life-changing experience can quickly descend into a nightmare of stress and frustration if the right charter boat isn’t booked. How can you avoid the hassle of a botched trip and find the perfect fit for you and your party? Keep an eye out for these indicators.

The Charter’s Reputation
The benefits of TripAdvisor and Google reviews cannot be lauded enough. These unsponsored, unbiased reviews are honest and will present an open view of a boat operator’s high points and faults through a clear lens. The higher these reviews are, the more likely the boat operator is to offer exceptional service. Potential passengers should look for cleanliness ratings, reviews on the state of the boat, indicators of help throughout the booking process, and previous passengers’ opinions on the helpfulness of the staff.

The Destination
Luxury charters often take the cake for multi-location chartering that gives passengers a real taste of Grand Cayman. These luxury charters stop at locations that offer memorable experiences for passengers, such as highly rated Starfish Point, Stingray City, Rum Point, and Bio Bay. Other operators typically only have one destination, which can lack the intimacy and personal feel of destinations hand-picked by the charter.

What Accommodations Will Be Offered
Potential passengers should look carefully at the accommodations that the boat will offer. One of the major benefits of a boutique luxury charter is the bespoke accommodations offered. Because these charters often cater only to small parties, the food, beverage and other options are likely to be tailored to the personal likes and desires of the party. More care will be taken to clean, maintain and favorably serve these passengers. Larger charter cruises take less care in caring for passengers’ individual needs and often have a “one size fits all” mindset. Privacy can also be lacking, and quiet downtime can be hard to come by.

What Activities Are Offered
Along with the destinations of the charter, the activities it incorporates into your trip can tell a lot about the effort it puts in for every client. Large boat tour operators will have some onboard activities, such as games and music if you’re lucky. But these activities, while enjoyable, offer nothing out of the ordinary or wildly unique. Luxury charters often incorporate snorkeling, island attractions and even fishing into their boat tours to offer clients a special, personalized experience.

The Service of the Charter
Large boat operators boast an immense staff that works to maintain the boat and handle the magnitude of clients that make a temporary home on it. However, these employees are often overworked and overwhelmed by the demanding aspects of their job. Smaller cruises and charter boats will have a staff that is prepared to handle a small party and give them the best experience. They are trained in friendliness and, because of the intimacy of the parties, can provide comprehensive and attentive service.

Choosing a cruise or charter boat when vacationing in Grand Cayman can be a daunting task. But when you know what to be on the lookout for and what to avoid, the process can be a smooth gateway to a truly extraordinary experience.

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