Stingray City Charters. Price vs. Experience

Booking a Stingray City Charter: Price vs Experience
So you’re finally booking your dream vacation in the Cayman Islands and you’re looking to book a boat charter to tour Grand Cayman in style. Choosing between a large ship and a small one, a boat that cruises to multiple locations or one that focuses on one stop and a sea of additional amenities to add on to your trip can leave your mind boggled. For many people, however, cost also plays a large role in their choices. It can be tempting to focus solely on the cost of a charter, but this choice comes with serious sacrifices. An informed decision will mean a perfect trip for you and your party.

Why Focusing Solely On Price Is A Bad Idea
It seems to be human nature to hunt for discounts, so many people treat their vacations the same way they grocery shop: look for low prices. However, the tactic that can work so well when choosing salad greens isn’t going to help you book the perfect boat charter of your dreams. Charters that offer very low prices often sacrifice quality and sophistication. Large, cramped charters, unfriendly crew members and sub-par accommodations leave vacationers wanting more out of the experience.

When visiting Stingray City, enjoying your time there involves activities off of the boat and your experience when on it. If a charter is offering its services at prices that seem too good to be true, take a look at past reviews and pictures of the inside. Also, look for amenities that are included in the fee. Often times cheap Cayman Island boat charters will not include additional amenities in the booking fee or don’t offer them at all.

What To Look For In The Experience
Learning what not to do is a great start, but you’re definitely still looking forward to petting and holding those friendly stingrays. When looking for the right luxury boat charter for you and your loved ones, pay attention to the size and upkeep of the charter outfit and its fleet. Custom charters will have better-maintained boats and provide advantages over larger outfits. Look for amenities like bespoke meals and drinks and additional stops beyond a jaunt to Stingray City.

Reading reviews of the staff and the company is also a crucial part of the process. Try not to narrow down your search by price. Instead, look for charters with the best experience and then consider the price of each.

Of course, the choice is entirely up to the person booking the trip and their party. Some people may be willing to sacrifice comfort for a lower cost, while others choose to go all out for the experience. You’ll likely fall somewhere between those extremes, and your choice will be influenced by a mix of factors. It’s important not to simply look at costs but also at reputation and services offered. Cobalt Custom Charters offers the perfect opportunity to experience the Cayman Islands in both style and comfort. Our private custom charters will make your trip to Stingray City (among other destinations along the way) rejuvenating and memorable. Contact us to learn more about our options book our custom Cayman Islands boat charter today!