You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Please see below for answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question below then please contact us directly and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Pre-Booking Questions:

Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?

  • Yes, we request a 50% deposit in advance to hold your reservation.

Is our deposit refundable?

  • Yes. Short of you not showing up or canceling for no reason less than 5 days before the trip we issue a full refund on your deposit. Our refund schedule is:
    • If you cancel more than 5 days in advance, you’re issued a full refund.
    • If you cancel less than 5 days but more than 1 day in advance you’re issued a refund of half your deposit.
    • If you cancel less than 1 day in advance or no show then we keep the entire deposit.
    • If we cancel for any reason then we will issue you a full refund of your deposit if we’re unable to reschedule based upon your availability.

We are coming via cruise ship.  What if our ship doesn’t make port (weather, medical, etc.)?

  • If your ship doesn’t make port, you will be issued a full refund.  We ask that you let us know about this ASAP.  Please do so via email at

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Deposit payments can be made via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. The balance will be payable upon completion of the trip either with the same card or a different card.

How do we get to you from Seven Mile Beach or the port terminal?

  • Simply get in a taxi and tell them to take you to Camana Bay.  Once there, you can make your way down towards the waterfront and wait out front of the restaurant Karoo by the big water fountain.  A member of our team will come to get you from there closer to our departure time.  If you arrive early please wait for our team patiently or feel free to explore Camana Bay.  You’re free to use the public restrooms (the boats have a head but they are small) and apply sunscreen while you wait.
  • If you’re a group of 6 people or fewer, please contact us directly and we can coordinate picking you up in our passenger van from the port area.  This is much easier and more convenient than trying to sort out a taxi as we don’t have Uber or Lyft in Grand Cayman.

Can we bring our drinks (including alcohol) and snacks on the boat?

  • Yes. The boat is BYO. We are happy to do some grocery shopping for you (cost + 20% convenience fee).  We can recommend some catering companies for food (especially on the catamaran) if you’d like.

Trip Day Questions:

What do we need to bring?

  • We find the fewer things people bring, the happier they are. Not only does it keep the boat clear from clutter thus giving you more room to enjoy, but it also increases the likelihood that you focus on the beautiful sights that are all around in the Cayman Islands and not your iPhone screen.
  • A small bag with your key personal items, a towel (or two), sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a dry shirt, and a great attitude is all you need!

I notice there is an auto-gratuity at a lot of places in Grand Cayman.  Does Cobalt Custom Charters have an auto-gratuity?

  • No, we do not.  Tips are not expected but they are appreciated.  We think we have the best team and they work very hard to ensure that you and your group have the best experience possible.  For the past 6+ years, our average gratuity has been ~20%.  You’re free to leave whatever amount you’d like.  Cash is always preferred as the crew can take it home with them that day.

Are there any other fees on our trip?

  • Generally, no.  If you go to a beach restaurant/bar then those are separate businesses and you’ll have a bill.  With us, there is no extra fee outside of what you feel is appropriate for the crew as a tip and if you decide to buy the photos.  The price for the trip includes all permits, gas, tickets, licenses, etc. to do the various stops including the boat and the crew.

What does Cobalt Custom Charters provide?

  • We provide bottled water, a cooler that with ice, all your snorkel equipment, safety equipment, and food for the Stingrays. We also have Bluetooth stereos so you can connect your music.
  • TOWELS ARE NOT PROVIDED – please bring them with you from your hotel/condo/ship

Where do we meet?

  • You can meet us out front of the restaurant Karoo in Camana Bay by the big water fountain.  If you let us know when you arrive then a member of your team will get you when we are ready. You should arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.

After Trip Questions:

We heard about the Bio Bay tours – is that something you guys offer?

  • Yes! If you want to go out on the Cobalt again and spend more time with our team then we’d love to take you to the Bio Bay. Give us a call or book online and you’ll receive 10% off the normal price if this is your second time out with us on this particular visit to Grand Cayman.

We had a great time! Where can we leave reviews:

  • The two main places you could leave a review for us would be TripAdvisor and Google – we would be forever grateful for your willingness to do so!

What if we leave something on the boat?

  • Just let us know and we will get it back to you one way or another.

Can we book in advance for next year?

  • Absolutely! We’d love to have you visit again. You can even book in advance here.


The crew took photos on our trip. How can we get them?

  • Good question! It generally takes us about 1 week to get the photos turned around. During peak times, this might take a little longer. Your patience is appreciated! The photos will be emailed to you when ready.

Is there a fee for the photos?

  • Generally speaking, yes. If the crew mentioned something else during your trip then please let us know. Otherwise, you can buy an individual photo for $20, a package of your favorite 10 for $100, or the entire package for $200. If you buy the package before the trip the cost is only $150.

Can I review the photos before purchasing?

  • Yes. We will provide you with a secure link to your album that you can share with your group. All photos will be available for viewing. The photos will be watermarked until a purchase is made at which point the watermark will be removed. You are under zero obligation to purchase any photos.

I bought the photos before our trip together. Do I have to wait a week to get them?

  • No. Pre-purchasing the photos saves you $50 on the album cost and we do our best to get the photos turned around to you within 72 hours of your trip.

Please note, while rare, we can’t guarantee that the camera technology will always work.  For that reason, please always take a few photos on a personal device (our team can take them if you ask) so that you have some provided they’re important to you.