Don’t Go Big, Go Boutique Luxury When Booking a Grand Cayman Boat Charter

Charter boats that travel around the Cayman Islands offer exquisite stops and unique experiences for passengers. However, all charters are not made alike, and the inexperienced vacationer may be torn between larger boats, often part of a fleet, and the customizable options of luxury charters. Both of these will offer a memorable experience, but the benefits of a boutique charter distinguish it from other options. These luxury boats offer the privacy and peacefulness of a private resort without the touristy feel of larger boats. They are also fully customizable and give travelers a chance to spend memorable time with friends and family they are vacationing with.

Privacy and Intimacy
Luxury charters usually only fit five to eight people at a time, giving guests the privacy many crave after long flights and car rides. Larger boats, with a couple dozen guests or more, can be crowded, and the Cayman Islands experience can be sullied by unfriendly shipmates or unwanted company. After an enjoyable day swimming or snorkeling, the peace and relaxation many crave can’t be attained in a ship with too many strangers and not enough space.

Quality Time with Your Traveling Party
If you’re vacationing with a large group of strangers who have booked the same boat as you, you’ll likely get to know them whether you want to or not. It’s difficult to escape loud college students and loud children when you’re all traveling and debarking together. Couples and families may find it hard to spend quality time together building memories. On the other hand, luxury charters can be booked just for your family, friends or a combination of the two. These are people you’re close to and enjoy socializing with on a regular basis. Watching the sunset, petting stingrays and tasting local cuisine are all activities best experienced with the people you love, not with interloping tourists.

Fully Customizable
Luxury boat charters are often customizable for the specific wants for the client. Certain meals, stops and activities can be planned based on the preferences of the traveling party. Foods and beverages can be hand-picked by the client and can include sparkling wine and any other alcoholic beverages. These boats can offer to serve meals on the beachfront if the vacationer prefers to stay out and about rather than travel to restaurants. When on a larger ship, travelers are often stuck with whatever activities the charter plans for every trip. Luxury charters, however, can mix and match activities that include fishing, snorkeling and jaunts to unique parts of Grand Cayman not widely known and overcrowded. Boutique charters often put effort into making every experience unique, unlike larger charters that view every trip as a means to an end: a paycheck.

The Cayman Islands are a beautiful piece of the natural world and Grand Cayman is the crown jewel. Its striking beauty and laid-back yet sophisticated feel can’t be replicated by any other vacation destination. Choosing how to experience Grand Cayman is a choice entirely up to the vacationer. If they prefer larger, crowded ships and a bland, run-of-the-mill experience, then there are plenty of options. But for the refined traveler, luxury boutique charters are certainly the way to go. Their customizable, private and friendly environment will make everyone in the traveling party feel comfortable and give everybody a trip to remember.

Cobalt Custom Charters is the best way to experience Grand Cayman! Contact us to learn more about our fully customizable and luxury options, including sunset cruises, tours of the mangroves, a jaunt to Stingray City, and so much more.