Best Places to Visit When Booking a Boat Charter in Grand Cayman

When booking a boat charter in Grand Cayman, you mainly have two options to choose from. Either you book a charter with a large corporately-driven operation and up to 100 of your closest friends, or you book with a private charter for a small group of friends/family that offers a bespoke experience custom tailored to your desires.

Regardless of the direction you choose to go in for your boating experience, the Cayman Islands and Grand Cayman in particular offer a ton of options.

Stingray City
Stingray City is the most popular water destination in Grand Cayman. Over 50% of stayover visitors come here and over 30% of cruise ship visitors come here. It’s here where you can experience swimming with and feeding stingrays out in the wild. Don’t worry though. The stingrays at Stingray City are harmless and affiliate the noise of boats and humans with food which makes the experience of feeding and holding that much more comfortable and memorable.

If you visit Grand Cayman and don’t do the Stingray City boat tour, you’ll regret missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Starfish Point
Starfish Point is a privately owned spot on the northside of Grand Cayman open to the public. As the name indicates, Starfish Point is THE place where you can experience viewing and touching Red Cushion Sea Stars which can be found here in large numbers.

Starfish Point is great for all people of all ages including young ones. There’s even a floating jungle gym for them to play on when visiting the area which we think is great for the little ones.

Starfish Point also offers a great view of Seven Mile Beach which just adds to the wonderful experience you’ll have when visiting the area.

If you plan on doing Stingray City, why would you ever pass up the opportunity to charter your way to Starfish Point?

Rum Point
Rum Point which is located on the Northpoint of Grand Cayman, is a family friendly spot and is well known for its island atmosphere.

Rum Point’s island feel consists of beautiful shallow clear waters, a white sandy beach, and even has a volleyball court along with shade trees, picnic tables, hammocks and several options for food and beverages.

Other than hanging out at the beach or playing a game of volleyball, we highly suggest going snorkeling off of the pier. It’s here where you can see over a dozen different species of fish including its resident barracuda you may find hanging out just under the pier.

The bioluminescence bay (Biobay) is a relatively new attraction in the Cayman Islands thanks to Hurricane Ivan pushing so much sand into the bay in 2004. Since then, the number of bioluminescent plankton living in this Biobay (microscopic) has grown to ~800K to 1M per gallon of water. As a result, Biobay is considered one of the best places in all the Caribbean to see this glowing phenomena.

Biobay must be viewed after dark and generally the less moon light there is the better the experience will be. This is a great experience for people young and old.

Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach which is situated on the western side of Grand Cayman is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean.

Seven Mile Beach offers a lot of options ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving at hot spots such as Cemetery Reef to the West Wall as well as a plethora of other activities both onshore and offshore. If snorkeling and scuba is your thing, doing these activities along Seven Mile Beach is a must.

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